Are you a mission-led multi-passionate woman solopreneur who is struggling
with owning your brilliance in your mind and in the marketplace?
Are you ready to elevate your confidence?
Do you have a clearly defined self-image that will attract the right clients into your business?
Do you know how to use your charisma to build instant rapport?
Do you know the exact steps needed to leverage your personal brand into a business brand?
Are you really positioned to use your influence to get the right opportunities & expand your brand?
Having a clearly defined personal brand is a powerful strategy for building a profitable business brand.

As an Iconic Brand Strategist & Personal Branding Mentor, I provide compelling and transformative ways to leverage your Personal Brand into a Profitable Business Brand with confidence, charisma, and authenticity.
Since my little girl days, I discovered a deep passion for movies and old Hollywood and fell in love with the idea of being "iconic". It was the images of glitz, glam, and style that doused the flames of my fascination with the icons of the cinematic screens of yesteryear.
Baz Luhrmann's Gatsby is my #1 movie for depicting an iconic era where fashion, glam, and extravagance reigned supreme.
But, I eventually discovered that being "iconic" is about so much more than movies and old Hollywood. 
Being iconic is a way of showing up. It's how you think. It's how you enter a room. It's how you interact with a stranger. It's how you dress. Travel. Eat. Work. Play. Do business. It's how you're remembered. 
Being iconic is both the life you live and the legacy you leave.
Iconic Branding is the pathway to discovering the essence of who you are, understanding your ideal client on a visceral level and intentionally creating memorable experiences which last well beyond their encounter with you and your offerings.