As I travel the country speaking at businesses and conferences while meeting fabulous mutli-passionate women, I have discovered a recurring theme. The miseducation of branding.

When I am approached about my services, the first thing someone will say is that they need branding. They think not having a website, business cards or a logo means they don’t have a brand.


Hold up! Wait a minute! Let me put some truth in it!

That’s the sound I hear in my head as soon as one of these fabulous women shares what they need. After mentally snapping myself back to the present, I take the opportunity to turn this brief encounter into a teachable moment. I give them a little lesson on branding. I ask if they are interested in knowing how I approach this awesome and empowering work.

Since then I have shifted the focus of my services. Going from supporting women entrepreneurs in the broad sense to helping mutli-passionate women. These are women with a passion for coaching, speaking, and writing, and I help them create iconic brands that boost their bottom line. I make it a practice to teach branding basics. During the branding process, I will use some jargon that might be unfamiliar, misunderstood or will earn me a few blank stares.

For example, words like “mission”, “vision” and “strategy.” Or when it comes to my brand lingo, I may throw in a little French, like the word “patois” which means jargon or vernacular.

So, to help you out a bit, here are a few basic key branding terms and their definition.

Key Branding Terms

Brand: A combination of passions, personality, promise, and experience that creates an intentional perception and reputation in the market

Branding: The strategic process for creating your brand’s perception and reputation

Vision: What you desire to see in the world, for a specific set of people, that you have a solution for

Mission: The vehicle you use to bring the vision of your brand to life

Strategy: The step-by-step plan used to execute your brand’s mission

Values: Guiding principles or behaviors of your brand

Persona: Key personality characteristics which express how your brand shows up in the marketplace 

Now, of course, this is an extremely brief list of branding terms, but they’re the foundational ones you want to be familiar with as you begin your brand journey. Please leave your comments in below and let me know if these simple definitions are clear and help get you pointed in the right direction for your brand.

Are these key branding terms close to what you thought about branding? Post your comments below, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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