Welcome to an episode of Branding Like an Icon with your host and mentor Cheryl Pullins The Icon of Branding Women entrepreneurs are struggling with limiting beliefs that are snatching success right out of their hands We have beliefs that come from growing up in a certain type of environment or beliefs about ourselves that we adopted because someone told us who we are and we believed them During this

A number of years ago I was introduced to the world of vision boards. I found it interesting that here I was, a woman of a certain age who had never heard of vision boards. Well, maybe I heard of them in passing, but nothing about the idea resonated had with me. My interest in vision boards started drumming louder and louder until I finally decided to find out more.

Hey, Icon! Welcome to the new and improved Little Black Blog of Branding & Exquisite Style. I am thrilled to blow the dust off my blog and get this party started, again! Hey! No judgment, right? Thanks to my stylist who also happens to be my biz bestie (I’ll be sharing about her on the next style blog post), I have a great strategy for offering up some amazing content

As I travel the country speaking at businesses and conferences while meeting fabulous mutli-passionate women, I have discovered a recurring theme. The miseducation of branding. When I am approached about my services, the first thing someone will say is that they need branding. They think not having a website, business cards or a logo means they don’t have a brand. SCREEEEECH! Hold up! Wait a minute! Let me put some truth in

When it comes to your website, after the home page, one of the most important pages is your About page. Yes, it’s popular, but it is also where your visitor decides whether or not they want to take the time to get to know you and what you’re about. Basically, they are asking two questions. “Who are you and why should I care?”   When helping my clients develop their