Fast Fab FactsI work with soulful, multi-passionate, trendsetting, red lipstick wearing, stiletto sashaying iconic women who...

  • want to up level their life by up elevating their brand
  • want to blend their passions into a cohesive and crush-worthy brand
  • have life-changing ideas but need help converging them into an implementable plan
  • feel like they are all over the place and not making money in their business
  • want to build an authentic brand that's authentic, influential and boosts their bottom line

If this is you and you are ready to rock the world with your iconic brilliance, let's get a bit more acquainted!

Dubbed 'The Icon of Branding," I teach multi-passionate women how to become powerful influencers and profitable entrepreneurs.


  • As a Certified Professional Coach, I can save you time by using my knowledge and experience to guide you from where you are to where you desire to be in both business and life.
  • Having been recognized for my work, I am an award-winning entrepreneur and speaker who uses my gifts for the betterment of women around the globe.
  • Because of my empowering and engaging presence, I was invited to speak for TEDx, one of the most coveted speaking platforms in the world, and I can teach you how to position yourself for your own dream opportunity.
  • To help you start your business and build a successful brand, I wrote, "What Every Diva Must Know About Starting Her Own Business."
  • Through my brand consulting + business and life coaching, I have helped hundreds of women reclaim their personal power, create solid business strategies, build irresistible brands, and increase their income by creating their own economy.

If you find yourself sweating over money, wanting to live a freedom based lifestyle or you have a bunch of amazing ideas swirling around in your head and you can't make sense of them, I'm ya girl!

I'll be honest, without a strategy, it's going to be difficult to reach those goals and live those aspirations, and I am here to help. 

Start now by applying for a complimentary Iconic Brand Audit.





Born in NYC, raised in Philly, lives in Tampa, FL + Adopted @2 + Shot @9
Technista + 22-year professional HR career + Certified Coach
Movie Connoisseur + Former Flight Attendant + Foodie + Travel junkie
Books & Magazines addiction + Tea lover + Fashion forward + Sleep is my medicine
Momma of two fabulous young women + Married to Mr. Pullins