Hey, Icon!

Welcome to the new and improved Little Black Blog of Branding & Exquisite Style.

I am thrilled to blow the dust off my blog and get this party started, again! Hey! No judgment, right?

Thanks to my stylist who also happens to be my biz bestie (I’ll be sharing about her on the next style blog post), I have a great strategy for offering up some amazing content each week. We’re going to talk about personal branding, business branding, inspiration, and a new addition, my rekindled love for exquisite style.

I won’t get into sharing much about my love affair with fashion because you can read about that in a brand new campaign at Hope for Women Magazine. This week I was featured in the launch of their Real Women, Real Style campaign. It was a great interview where I had to go back in my mind to remember how fashion and style have always been a part of my life. But you can read more about that on the blog at Hope for Women.
Cheryl Pullins Personal Branding Expert

Photo Credit: Nina Haaskivi


What’s my intention for this blog?

To support you and your dreams!

It is my desire to provide you with content that will inform you, educate you and inspire you. From Personal Branding to Business Branding to Fashion & Style, each week you will receive something that will spark your fire and set you ablaze with a passion for showing up as the highest version of yourself.

How can you help?

Since I would love to provide you with content that will help address your challenges. Here are a few things you can do to help make this blog the bomb diggity?

1. Send your burning questions about Personal Branding, Branding or even about Fashion and Style.
2. When you read a post, share a post. Share it on social media.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. I am committed to being an invaluable resource to you as you create your personal brand. What makes this blog unique is that it’s designed for multi-faceted women entrepreneurs and business owners. You’re the focus.

You might be wondering, what is meant by “multi-faceted women entrepreneurs and business owners?”

There’s a list of multi-faceted women entrepreneurs and business owners that we can point to in the marketplace. We can start with a few celebrities but we will focus on Oprah Winfrey aka “Auntie O.” Let’s see, how many facets of her brand can we list?

Owns a network (no pun intended)
– Actress
– Executive Producer
– Author
– Speaker
– Weight Watchers Spokeswoman
– O That’s Good Soups & Sides
Oprah Winfrey O So Good

Courtesy of Mealtime Stories LLC

Oprah probably has a number of other facets of her brand. But we’ll stop here. I think you get the picture, but may be thinking how does this look for you and your brand? 

You could be a coach, speaker, and author who also has a branded make-up line. Maybe you’re a pastor who teaches at the collegiate level but also has a coaching practice, and you’ve written some books which makes you an author.

Get the picture?

As you read more posts on this blog you’ll begin to learn how you can use your personal brand to leverage being a multi-faceted woman entrepreneur or business owner. This is my specialty.

Okay, Icon, that’s all for now. Don’t forget. Read a post, share a post!

With gratitude & gumption,
Cheryl Pullins, “The Icon of Branding”

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    06 01 2018

    Wow, Cheryl my eyes are wide open. This introduction post had quite a ffew nuggets. I love your delivery and style. It is everything!!! Welcome back darling.

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    06 01 2018

    I’m super excited to see what you bring us in 2018 with your amazing branding advice and style.

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