Cheryl Pullins is a branding thought leader and one of the voices in demand for the empowerment of women. She is a Brand Strategist, Empowerment Advocate, and Vision Board Diva. Cheryl is Founder and Chief Brand Strategist for the Iconic House of Branding and creator of Icon Academy School of Branding.

She is the author of What Every Diva Must Know About Starting Her Own Business and founder of The Iconic Woman Conference and The Iconic Woman Collective

From the moment Cheryl shows up to your event, the process of transformation begins. She uses every opportunity available to take your attendees on a journey that is sure to have a lasting effect on their lives.

She engages with participants both on-stage and off. During an event you can find Cheryl chit-chatting with attendees, offering wisdom, sharing her insight and expertise, while having fun and taking pice.

With wisdom and a charismatic sassiness, Cheryl leverages her twenty-two years of corporate Human Resources experience. She provides creative and unique presentations with proven “HOW-TOs” and “WHYs” that show attendees how to take purposeful and meaningful action.  She inspires attendees beyond the moment by helping them to see where they are and showing them a clear path of how to get where they desire to be.

cp-speaking-at-shift-conference-4Having quick wit, candor and down to earth style, Cheryl has an innate ability for striking a balance.  She sounds like your “bff,” but shares from her wealth of extensive knowledge and varied experiences.  She has is keenly insightful wit's helping individuals and organizations discover what matters most. She is attentive, soulful, expressive and will leave your attendees wanting more.

Cheryl’s dynamic and insightful keynotes, seminars and interactive workshops have been presented on stages around the country and have impacted the lives of those in attendance. She has been tapped into by some of the largest organizations in the country and she never misses an opportunity to bring high energy and excitement every time she hits the mic! Cheryl's expertise covers:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Personal Branding
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Vision Boards
  • Economic Empowerment of Women
  • Balancing Femininity & Entrepreneurship
  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
  • Emotional Intelligence for Entrepreneurs
  • Mindset Breakthrough Strategies
  • Confidence & Charisma 


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